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Christ asked us to value every person in the Image of God and Love One Another. After the recent painful events in Minneapolis, we fully understand how the sense of offense and powerlessness gives rise to protests. Peaceful protest is an honored means to bring change. We urge all people to honor one another and respect the property of others in a way that maintains the intentional and focused energy on the deep changes that must occur. We call out to all people to vanquish racism of all kinds in their hearts, and take constructive steps to actively show the love we have for one another.

“We cannot know what next week or next month will bring. The way forward will be found, but now it is shrouded by low-lying clouds and the fog of unbelief. Still, the Sun of Righteousness shines. He will make a way. It is for us now to humble ourselves and pray."  Dr. Jim Lyon, General Director, Church of God Anderson


Pastor From Minneapolis 

We pray for the officer who caused his death and for officers who stood by, we pray that they become racked with remorse; and may the seriousness of the killing and the cowardice of the complicity meet with proper justice. For the upright police who have watched the unbearable video of Floyd’s dying, who consider it “horrific” and “inhuman,” for these worthy servant, we pray that they would know the patient endurance of Jesus Christ, who suffered for deeds He did not do. We also pray that our leaders love the truth, seek the truth, stand unflinching for the truth, and act on the truth.

We pray for peace, that cities across the country will come together in miracles of reconciliation and lasting harmony, rooted in truth and in righteousness. 

We pray that in 2020, perhaps the death of George Floyd will not be in vain, that we will finally love one another and denounce racism. Lord, let it start with each of us, today.

And as the scourge of COVID-19 has now killed 100,000 people in our nation, and as the virus wreaks havoc with our economy, and riots send lifetimes of labor up in smoke, and the fabric of our common life is torn, we pray that the compounding of sorrows will not compound our sins, but send us desperate and running to the risen Savior, our only hope, Jesus Christ.

O Jesus, would you reconcile hopeless, hostile people to you and to each other? You have done it for millions by grace through faith. Do it, Lord Jesus, in our hearts and in our nation, we pray. Amen.


Member from California

A missionary family of 5 from our church who've served in North Thailand almost 20 years have all contracted COVID-19. Please pray for the family, the father is hospitalized and the whole family is seriously ill. Please pray for healing, comfort and peace.


Member From Georgia

Family restoration with my son and brother... healing of emotions and forgiveness but first and foremost that my son and brother will be saved and baptized with the Holy Ghost and become warriors of our GOD and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior.


Member from Texas

My prayer is for healing for those who are sick and healing of comfort for those that have lost loved ones. Prayer for healing and restoration in our world and for God's uplifting renewal in the minds of people around the world. I ask this in Jesus's name. Amen.


Member from Florida

Please pray for my family. For the safe passage of my aunt and cousins as they travel on June 11, for my adoption process, for my mother's, sister's, and nephew's health and wellbeing. Please help us in our endeavors and bless our path. Please bless my entire family, our homes, our businesses and professions, our health, our relationships with each other. I ask this in Jesus's name. Amen.


Member From Tennessee

Pray for our country and that the division going on with COVID-19 can be healed through revival in our country. Pray for all of us whom are struggling with finances and those whom have COVID-19 that Jesus can heal, protect and carry us through these uncertain and frightening times.


Member from California

Please Lord God cleanser land why from pure snow forgive our transgressions and heal our lands. Please heal and help all and protect all. Please protect my baby girl please protect me so I can take care of her protect my family keep us healthy and well with a strong immune system. God I am scared but I am trying to put my trust in you let go and let God. Please provide accordingly in this time so I can keep my daughter safe so I can keep myself safe so I can keep my family safe okay for you to be our protector our Savior and Redeemer I ask this in Jesus Christ name, amen.


Member From Virginia

Pray, this all comes to pass quickly and for good. Especially an extended coverage over our family of nurses, corrections officers, and police who are on the front lines.


Member From Texas

Please pray over our good friends! They just had a baby, the wife is on maternity leave, and the husband as just laid off Monday! They are currently overwhelmed and struggling to pay bills and rent. We pray for peace, and through this time, they grow closer to the Lord.


Member From California

A missionary family of 5 from our church who've served in North Thailand almost 20 years have all contracted COVID-19. Please pray for the Jones family, Danny & Rachel and their 3 daughters ages 8, 5 & 3. Danny is hospitalized and the whole family is seriously ill. Please pray for healing, comfort and peace.


Member From California

Pray for God to grant wisdom and discernment upon our city and government officials, that they will lead well, and His protecting hands upon our families and loved ones. 


Member From Oregon

Let us pray for revival! May this times when looking back on it, be a time of revival, a blessing for families and communities to grow closer together and especially to the Lord!


Member From California

Pray for my friend that is a nurse in San Francisco working in an ICU. She is caring for patients that have tested positive and risking her life everyday. Pray that God might bless her with good health throughout this time so she may keep doing His work, taking care of the sick. Also please pray for recovery over each of her patients, that they might soon recover and overcome this virus.

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