A Message From Our President/CEO

As many of us prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in a few weeks, do you find yourself asking, how is it possible to obey 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and “give thanks in all circumstances,” especially if your circumstances are frightful? In the midst of so much hardship brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, what fuels thanksgiving when life seems to be one discouragement, disappointment, affliction, and distress after another? There is only one way: leaning on the unfailing promises of God.


Ann Voskamp is one of today’s leading voices on the cultivation of gratitude. Her book One Thousand Gifts has at its chief concern our fresh awareness and practice of gratitude to God. Ann has encouraged thousands, even millions, to make gratitude the habit that changes your heart, your perspective, your relationships, your family, your whole life.

At America’s Christian Credit Union, we want to make intentional effort to stop, count our many blessings, name them one by one, and in particular thank God for our nation’s first responders and frontline workers, who risk their lives daily to respond to illnesses and natural disasters.

This coming Sunday, October 11th, is Pastors Appreciation Day — what an opportunity to express our gratitude. Our pastors are the cornerstones of our communities. While every job has its own share of difficulties and challenges, the pastor’s job often carries greater weight than many others. After all, God has commissioned pastors with the responsibility for spiritual oversight. Let us thank them for a job well done and the extra load they have taken to assist and adapt to this “new normal.”  Let’s pray for our pastors on a consistent basis, cover them fervently and give them encouragement, honor, and support as much as we can.

Our members are undoubtedly praiseworthy! Thank you for your membership and for all you do to expand the Kingdom! Your support has led to many remarkable things. Together we are blessed to provide donations to eight transformative ministries as part of our VISA® GiveBack Program (see details below). 

September rang in the 2,000th adoption loan funded since the ACCU Adoption Loan Program began in 2009. In other words, our members have stood up and stepped into the void, providing forever loving homes to over 2,000 vulnerable children. Remarkable! Through our partnership with CarePortal, our members, partner ministries, and staff have helped meet the needs of at-risk children and families across the United States. If you are not yet familiar with CarePortal, we highly encourage you visit their website and find ways to serve “the least” among us. Sunday, November 8th, is “Orphan Sunday” and a perfect opportunity to pray for the fulfillment of God’s promise “to set the lonely in families.” As an adoptive mother, I can attest to the joy adoption brings and reflection of God’s love for us as adopted Kingdom children ourselves.

Finally, October 15th is International Credit Union Day the perfect day to reflect on what beautiful members we have. Together, we have become more than a banking institution, and more than a credit union; we are a co-operative of believers pooling resources to support the greater body of Christ. As such, our staff is dedicated to the ongoing service and improvement of your member experience, bringing you financial solutions for life. Also, we invite you to explore our new website, filled with tools and resources to equip and empower your financial journey.

So, how can we give thanks in all circumstances? Ann Voskamp would invite us to “experience the full life: Joyful in All; Faithful in Love; Prayerful in Work; Thankful in Everything.”

May all your Thanksgiving celebrations be blessed and soaked in God’s grace.

Sincerely in Christ,


Vicki VannBerstein, MBA

Building Stronger Families


It’s a boy, It’s a girl – It’s 2,000

America's Christian Credit Union (ACCU) recently funded its 2,000th adoption loan an exciting milestone in its 11-year ministry of assisting members who seek to adopt. ACCU built the Adoption Loan Program to build stronger families and help orphans and other at-risk children find a forever home. The credit union’s adoption loan is one of the few products in the nation designed specifically for the growing Christian family. Proceeds from these loans are intended to cover costs of travel, agency fees, legal expenses, and any other cost related to adopting a child domestically or internationally.

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Prayers for Orphans

Join us on Orphan Sunday on November 8th as we pray over the 143 million orphans worldwide. We pray for the court proceedings, foster parent training, and adoptions that have been postponed or rescheduled due to COVID-19 leaving the lonely, and family-less orphans even more alone.

Prayer Stream

CarePortal - Foster Youth Program

ACCU is proud to be the CarePortal Los Angeles and San Bernardino County Sponsor, helping hundreds of foster children and families. CarePortal was created in 2015 as a tool to mobilize churches to care for foster children and families in their own backyards. Pictured above is ACCU President/CEO Vicki VannBerstein and ACCU Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, Dr. Barbara Dickerson, at a lunch meeting with Jonathan Sanborn, State Director of CarePortal in AZ, CA, UT, and HI.

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It's A Money Thing Junior

Introducing a special new financial education series from "It's A Money Thing". This wonderful addition to "It's A Money Thing" is perfect for younger kids in elementary school. These simplified concepts are a great way to teach your youngest the beginning of good financial health.

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VISA® Signature Rewards Credit Card

With ACCU's VISA Signature Rewards credit card, you'll receive a low rate with all the features and benefits you have come to expect from big banks and other lenders. Take advantage of our low introductory rate on both purchases and balance transfers by transferring other credit card balances to your Signature Rewards card! As a bonus, you can redeem your rewards points for travel, merchandise, and gift cards!

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Building Stronger Ministries


Paycheck Protection Program

We are closely monitoring and awaiting news from Congress on their decision for all final rules regarding PPP loan forgiveness. We will send updates to all PPP loan recipients when the final rules on forgiveness has been announced by Congress in order to maximize and streamline your process.

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Online Services

We are excited to announce that we have a new online services portal for our Corporate members. As a church, non-profit or small business, you can access features to request to change authorized account signers and add new deposit accounts. These are available on our website and on Online Banking. Don’t have Online Banking for your organization? Enroll here.

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Pastors Appreciation Day

Sunday, October 11, is Pastors Appreciation Day. Please join us in thanking and celebrating our pastors for all their hard work they do for God’s Kingdom. 2020 has presented a multitude of challenges for our pastors, especially with COVID-19 and many other political issues that have affected our churches. Now more than ever, they need encouragement spiritually, physically, mentally, financially and with fellowship. So, send your pastor your gratitude with anything from a thank you card to a cup of coffee this Pastors Appreciation Day!


Church Loans

We are often reminded that opportunity is forged in the midst of adversity. Being forced to slow down, you may have noticed the leaky roof or remembered that building project to renovate your children’s daycare. Rates are now at an all-time low and as churches are able to gather, now is a good time to consider a Church Loan to refinance or renovate your space.

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Building Stronger Communities


The CU Difference

Credit Unions are about People Helping People and sharing the CU difference. ACCU is here to help build a stronger community for you and your family through volunteering, donations and blood drives.

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VISA® GiveBack

ACCU announced its member-generated, VISA® Platinum GiveBack donation, totaling $18,000, divided among eight key ministry partners.

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Generosity Abounds

On September 9, ACCU staff participated in the annual Miracle Jeans Day fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals. Together, the credit union’s employees raised $850, bringing the total of funds raised for CMN in 2020 to $3,500.

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Disaster Relief Loan

At ACCU, we want you to know that you are not alone in dealing with the after-effects of the on-going natural disasters. We care about our members and want to help. Join us as we unite in prayer and commit to aid in every way. Our mission is to assist our members in communities across the country in responding with relief and long-term recovery efforts.

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Building Stronger Futures


Calling All College Students!

ACCU has created a personalized online portal tailored to both college students and their parents to help you navigate new challenges and experiences that come along with going to college. You'll find helpful articles and resources that ACCU offers including college checking accounts, articles on how manage your money, student loans, how to finance your first car, and more!

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Are You Ready To Return To College?

Whether you are returning to complete your bachelor's degree or are ready to begin a master's program, ACCU's Student Lending Program might be exactly what you need to give you a jumpstart to pursue higher education. We offer options for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as consolidation options for existing loans. Our knowledgeable student lending representatives are ready to assist you through the application, FASFA, scholarships and lending process. Tuition is expensive - we can fill the gap!

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Introducing ACCU's New Website

You might have already noticed, but if you haven't -- our website has changed! User experience is a top priority at the credit union. We have revamped our website for ease of use, more robust services, and better navigation. If you aren't sure where to start, below is a quick video tutorial to get you started.

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